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Ladies traditional Pakistani khussa

৳ 2,000 ৳ 1,500

Pakistani Khussa-

Pakistan has a very long tradition of leather crafts ranging from handbags, leather stools to Khussa, Kolhapuris and Jootis slidely centered at Rajasthan, Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka & Punjab mainly in Pakistan. The production of these heavily embroidered juttis date back to the period of Kings and Queens. In those times, these juttis were embroidered with real gold and silver threads and decorated with precious gems and pearls. But, with the passage of time, these were replaced by artificial materials, beads, bells etc. in order to make them affordable for everyone. These juttis & Khussas are made of buffalo, cow or camel leather soles, while the upper part comprises leather or simply textile. Both the parts are joined together by a paste and then stitched by white cotton threads. Khussa is referred to a man's closed shoe with an extended curled toe, while as juttis have flat fronts. In juttis, rear is normally covered but Khussa have an open look from behind. Produced mainly in Multan, Rajasthan and Punjab, these juttis were flat soled and there were no left-right distinctions between them.