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Earn small work Everyday work is a daily Payment


Income Online 2019

There are many sites of Micro jobs. Many have worked on many sites. But the site I will introduce to you today offers a lot of new types of work. You can earn a lot of money by working in a short amount of time.

There is no such work available. There is one type of work.

The tasks of Micro Job will usually be available.

1. Signup
2. Form fillup
3. Telegram Join
4. Youtube like, comment, subscribe
5. facebook like, comment, share
6. Twitter tweet, follow
7. Airdrop Join
8. ICO Join
9. Mobile app download
10. OfferWall

Everything you need for Micro job to work:

1. Mobile / Desktop = a
2. Internet connection = a
3. Email Account = 10 – 50 may be required for work.
4. facebook account = 10 to 50 jobs may be required.
5. Youtube Account = 10 to 50 working days.
6. Twitter Account = 10 – 50 may be required for work.
7. Telegram Account = 10 – 50 may be required for work.
8. Ephraim Wallet Address = 10 to 50 working days.
9. Skrill Account = a
10. Paypal Account = a

Other information

1. Minimum Withdraw: $1 (PP) – 4$ (SK)
2. Payment Method: Paypal, Skrill
3. Payment Possessing time: Instant to 1 hour
4. Admin Whatsapp Support: +91 9930141717
5. Signup Bonus: $0.1

There are many rules of working, but I tell you one of the rules of working. You work well.

Registration Process

You must register on this site first. Click here to register. Signup with your name, email and password.

An email link will then go to your email. You cannot log in without activating the account. It may take time to get the code in the email.

Step 1: Find Tasks

After logging in, you will see a list of Jobs. There will be many types of jobs. You will read what works. Click on “Get it” in front of the task you want to do.

Step 2: Job Details and Accept Job

This part is important to note here the details of the work. And what you need to provide proof after work.

  • What is expected from workers?
    What you need to do is beautifully written in this section. And each step will be described.
  • Proof Requirements?
    What proof do you have to submit at the end of the work? It will be written in this section.

Finally: If you want to do the work, complete the tasks as described above and save the proof of work.

When finished, click on “I Accept this Job”. If you do not want to do this, click on “I Do Not Accept“.

[There is no need to do this unless you can read or understand a little English. Only a few lines describe the work in English]

Step 3 : Submit Work

If you cancel the job you will be taken to Jobs Page / Homepage

And if you are done, after clicking on “I accept this job” a popup dialog box will appear.
You will need to submit proof of work in that box. https://prnt.sc  Just upload the screenshots on this site and give the link here]

Click the “I confirm that I have completed this task” button. You’re done

If the company sees your work and accepts, the balance will be credited to your account.

sign up

Finally, I will say that there are different types of work available on this site. Which is not available on any other site. Especially Airdrop’s work is new every day. You can do the same thing over and over again using multiple email / mobile numbers to make Signup work.
In that area, you will earn more.

Work details are written inside each job, then read them and submit proof correctly. You can get huge amounts of work every day by contacting admins. Things that are not even on the site. Admin will give you the job in person.

If you have any questions, please comment. And also comment on how the post was done.

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